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Immediately shut down any air intake devices on your heater and let the fire burn out. DO NOT use the appliance until you have had it inspected by an accredited installation / service person.

All Blaze parts can be purchased through your local Blaze dealer.

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The integrity of the firebox is covered by a 10 year warranty. Generally the excluded items include firebricks, baffle plates, brick retainers, door glass, door and glass seals etc.

The baffle plate is a removable steel plate inside the top of the firebox that elongates the flame path to retain the heat in the firebox. Take it out, straighten as best you can, turn it over and refit it. It’s time to replace it as soon as a hole appears in it. Check annually.

Firstly, rust can only appear if there is moisture present. If there is a leak in your flue flashing, have it fixed. Obtain a ‘’fine’’ sponge sanding block from your local hardware outlet. Sand back affected areas, dust off thoroughly then paint with Stove Bright – Metallic Black paint which will be available through your local Blaze dealer.

Blaze fire specialists guarantee knowledge and professionalism. With their expertise and experience they are able to offer personal, customised and safe advice, focused on your personal preferences and living situation. They generally have a wonderful showroom where you can see the various fires.

No, that is not an option. The comprehensive Blaze dealer network of fire specialists would be pleased to advise you on the Blaze fire that suits your requirements.
Can I buy a fire directly from Faber?
You can order your Blaze fire from one of the authorised Blaze dealers.

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A hearth is only required under your heater if you are placing it on a combustible floor such as timber, carpet, vinyl etc.Each heater has been tested to ascertain its hearth requirements in accordance with Australian /New Zealand Standard 2918.
Please follow the hearth requirements for materials, thickness and size as listed, in the installation instructions supplied with the appliance purchased.

If you have a black, sticky tar build up (creosote) on your glass it’s a sign that you are burning your fire on a low air intake setting for extended periods of time and/or the wood you are burning has a high moisture content (over 20%) and hasn’t been seasoned for long enough.
If creosote is present you’ll need to remove it with a glass scraper or similar. If you only have a smoky build up on the glass try products like Windex or even try some damp newspaper dipped in the ash and rub the glass. This method was popular in the early days of combustion heaters and cookers.

No, it is a good idea to leave approximately 20mm ash in the bottom of your firebox as the fire will burn better on a bed of ash than on a flat clean surface. It will also assist in protecting the base of the firebox.