Contemporary Styled Wood Heaters

Designed for modern Australian homes

Humans have long been drawn to fire. Our ancient ancestors used fire for warmth, protection and cooking, but still to this day, these flickering flames are a source of comfort and security throughout those chilly days and nights. Nothing makes a home feel more alive and inviting than a display of glowing embers and the cosy feel of gentle radiating warmth, which is why we design affordable fireplaces that can fit anywhere within modern Australian living spaces.


From customer service to enjoying your wood fireplace, we promise a positive and seamless experience from the day you bring a Blaze home.


Our fires are built to the highest standards ensuring quality and reliability.


Our aim is to create contemporary fireplaces that add life to your living space at affordable prices.


Blaze wood heaters are specially designed in Australia for modern Australian homes and families.

We value your opinion

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